The National Committee

To make it easier to find the correct person to help with your query please view below the key responsibilities of the National Committee and their contact details:


  • To ensure the smooth running of the Coastguard Association and to give advice to all Branches, regarding welfare and financial needs.
  • To ensure the committee fulfils the aims set out by the constitution and acts in the interest of its members.
  • To liaise closely with all National Committee members.

Name: Stuart Arundel
Telephone: 01507 358446 /  07963785981 – If Important PLEASE ring as emails are not always answered quickly
Email: Click here to e-mail the Chair
Address: Highfield Lodge, Bank End, North Somercotes, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7LJ

Vice Chair

  • To support the Chair with the smooth running of the Association and stand in when they are unavailable.
  • To ensure the Charity Commissioners are informed of any Committee changes or Trustee changes annually
  • To help retired members to retain links with their colleagues.

Name: Terry Bearpark
Telephone: 01964 751435
Email: Click here to e-mail the Vice Chair


  • Take charge of the funds of the Association, including renewal of the affiliation fees. Receiving all sums of money paid in and paying out such money as is properly authorised by the committee.
  • Report the state of the Association finances at committee meetings.
  • To receipt any money donated to the Coastguard Association, and to write letters of thanks to those who donate money to the National Charity Account.

Name: Steve Brooks
Telephone: 07831 140385
Address: Brayfield; Willerton Road; North Somercotes; LN11 7NH
Email: Click here to e-mail the Treasurer

National Secretary/Central Branch Secretary

  • To assist the Chair with the development of the Coastguard Association and answer any questions or problems that occur within.
  • Prepare the Agenda for the AGM, after consulting with the Committee and branches; perform such duties as the Committee may from time to time decide.
  • Receive and report to the Committee all applications for membership, the current numbers of members and any other related matters he considers should be brought to the Committees attention.
  • To deal with any correspondence as required.

Name: Joanna Howard
Email: Click here to e-mail the Secretary

Welfare Officer

  • To deal with all claims of hardship, poverty, illness and requests for support which are reported to the Coastguard Association and decide if claim is warranted and falls within the charity commission rules.
  • The contact for bereaved families, and send condolences on behalf of the Coastguard Association.
  • The contact for those who require the assistance of the Coastguard Association in the form of grants and loans.

Name: Paul Davig
Telephone: 07504 971829
Email: Click here to e-mail the Welfare Officer

Digital Operations & Engagement

  • To manage the Coastguard Association website.
  • To develop and manage the Coastguard Association’s social media and communications strategy.
  • To develop and manage the Coastguard Association’s digital presence.
  • To develop and support the Coastguard Association’s ICT and digital infrastructure.

Name: Kevin Paterson
Telephone: 07889 816772
Email: Click here to e-mail the Digital Operations & Engagement Officer

Public Relations

  • To develop and maintain a positive image for The Coastguard Association.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with partners and stakeholders.
  • To improve communications with existing and potential Coastguard Association members & stakeholders.

Name: Matt Cox
Telephone: 07807 790665
Email: Click here to e-mail the Public Relations Officer

Coastline Magazine

The official digital publication of the Coastguard Association – produced quarterly.

Name: Kevin Paterson
Telephone: 07889 816772
Email: Click here to e-mail the Coastline Magazine Editorial Office


Our trustees as to be published on the Charity Commission Web Site are: