Coastguard Association

CGA Support

The Coastguard Association offer a variety of support for Volunteer, employed and Retired Coastguards once they have completed a minimum term of five years service to HM Coastguard.

Retired Officers group.

Once a retired Coastguard (having served for a minimum of 5 years) has had his or her 70th birthday we would be delighted to add them to our mailing list… we like to be able to write to them every year thanking them for their service to HM Coastguard and send them a small gift of our appreciation.

If you know someone in your local area which this applies to, then please email our ViceChairman – and we would be delighted to be able to show our thanks. We just need the following details:

  • The Name of the over 70’s Coastguard
  • Their full postal address and email (if they have one)
  • Length of Service, and an idea of their service if you are aware of it.

The Coastguard Association Loan Project

One of the aims of the Coastguard Association is to support retired and active coastguards and their families who are in need, and one way we fulfil this aim is with the introduction of the loan project.

The Loan project offers an interest free loan up to £500 for helping Coastguards and their families who need short term assistance, which is repaid on agreed terms.

It is available for any Coastguard or Ex-Coastguard who has served a minimum of five years.

Further information from our Almoner, including details on how to make an application.

Coastguard Association Grants

The Coastguard Association grants financial aid to Coastguards and their dependents in need in times of particular hardship. We aim to make a difference when all other avenues are exhausted.

For further information of this scheme please contact our Almoner, and he will offer further advice. We look at each case on an individual basis but may request information about the applicants income/outgoings/saving and a declaration of finances before any decision is made.

We have been recently helped:

  • A NE CRO died from a day-job related accident. His widow (and two young children) did not have the cash for his funeral (sadly not insured – 28 year olds don’t think it will happen or can’t afford it)One phone call to the CGA and a cheque was dispatched to cover the basic costs. This made a massive difference at a terrible time.
  • Assisted a young family with the costs of car parking and fuel costs when a family member had an extended hospital stay.
  • Funded monitoring equipment for a teenager with special needs whose father is a CRO
  • Contributed towards a holiday and respite for a family in need
  • Provided financial assistance after surgery
  • Provided financial assistance towards a medical test so a staff member could get the support they needed.

And many more… we do not share every story ….