Fundraising Bike

The Coastguard Association have an amazing 8 seater bicycle that is available to use for fundraising events and that comes with its own trailer for easy transporting.


This is the perfect bike to inspire fundraising activities or help increase awareness of the Coastguard Association.

Details of the current location of the nike and to arrange to borrow it, please contact our Chairman


Humber CGA

  • Humber branch continues to tick along quietly with fundraising and social events.
  • Vouchers are given out to over 20 retired Coastguards over Christmas and also support our local nautical college by donating a pair of binoculars each year for its annual speech day.
  •  We are involved with the Lions and Withernsea’s International Pirates who have also made donations to us.
  • We have made a donation to a fund to raise cash to the installation of a public defibrillation.
  • We also hold tombola’s at local events.
  • Humber branch is looking forward to celebrating our formation 40 years ago at the end of the year after being approached by the Chief Coastguard ‐ John Douglas in 1975.
  • The branch is also proud of having a presence on the National Committee and are proud of our chairman ‐ Terry Bearpark who was a founder of the CGA in Southport in 1976 and he has served on both committees since their formation.