We will remember

Live On - Poppy - Remembrance Day 2015
Live On – Poppy – Remembrance Day 2015

Our thoughts and memories are with the fallen, and they will live on in the future of the Living.

If you were lucky enough to get your poppy ordered in time for 2017 – congratulations, and please wear it with pride … if you didn’t – there is time to order for 2018… in the meantime you are welcome to save this image and use it as a profile picture on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.

You can download the image here – Social Media Poppy Image – just click on the link, right click to save and upload it to your relevant platform.


Poppy Pins for Remembrance

Poppy pins is a company that produce a number of special poppies for Remembrance that have Regimental badges incorporated into the design, and are available for online purchase. Every poppy badge that is purchased from the site includes a 20% donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal.

HM Coastguard Poppy
HM Coastguard Poppy
Poppy on Blue Shirt -
Poppy on Blue Shirt –
Coastguard Poppy - New 2015
Coastguard Poppy – New 2015

In recent years they have brought out a brand new HM Coastguard Poppy design  and have asked us if we would share the details with you. The badges should be around £10.00 including postage and packing in the UK and are available directly from their web site.


HM Coastguard Angus & Mearns in Action in Scotland

We are delighted to share with you this lovely film of the HM Coastguard in Action. The Coastguard Association’s role is to offer support to volunteers like this if there is a time of need, as they so an amazing job around out coastline.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vtc7elzlHw best viewed in HD

Filmed with the kind permission from the custodians of Dunnottar Castle and the team at HM Coastguard Angus & Mearns whilst on vacation in Scotland.

The coastguard team allowed me to film one of their training sessions at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. Risk assessments and PPE were all used while close working with the team. The coastguard requested to use my footage which I have happily provided pro-bono to assist them with their recruitment efforts https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/maritime-and-coastguard-agency/about/recruitment .

Music licensed from Premium Beats (http://www.premiumbeat.com).
Filmed and Edit by Mark Westguard
Story and Coordination by Scott Wallace (CRO Montrrose)



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Royal Navy Search And Rescue Book Offer

We are delighted to bring you a continuing special offer on a new SAR book that has been published:

  “A history of Royal Navy Search and Rescue from the First World War to the present day.  Royal Navy Search and Rescue A Centenary Celebration”

Today, the sight of a helicopter speeding toward some destination is familiar enough, but take a moment to consider – is there a life at stake?
Is someone in peril and on a knife edge of survival?
Will the helicopter crew be selflessly placing themselves in the most dangerous
of situations for the sake of saving others?

Ever since the First World War, aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service and later the Fleet Air Arm have operated from land bases and ships at sea, flying search and rescue missions. In this book David Morris, Curator of Aircraft at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, tells the incredible story of Royal Navy search and rescue from the first mission by Sir Richard Bell-Davies VC to the present day.
CGA Offer for Royal Navy Rescue Book

CGA Offer for Royal Navy Rescue Book

Published by Amberley Publishing, 15th June 2015
Tel: 01453 847800

E: info@amberley-books.com

You can order online here: https://www.amberley-books.com/royal-navy-search-and-rescue.html – quote “RoyalNavy2015” and you might still get a discount!