Join the CGA and become a Member

Why become a member…

Being a member of the CGA and helping us raise funds helps us to help others. Your membership fee can help us make a difference.

This is just one example of the kind of thing we do…

“A NE CRO died from a day-job related accident. His widow (and two young children) did not have the cash for his funeral (sadly not insured – 28 year olds don’t think it will happen or can’t afford it)

One phone call to the CGA and a cheque was dispatched to cover the basic costs. This made a massive difference at a terrible time. “

You can read more examples here along with details of other ways we offer support.

Individual Membership

All individual members are members of our “Central Branch”, and for our low annually fee of £12.50 (current 2015), CGA membership helps support the aim’s to the Coastguard Association, helping us ensure we are able to reach Coastguards and ex-Coastguards in need around the UK.

As a member of Central Branch.

  • You are welcome to attend our annual AGM in March.
  • You will be kept informed after our latest news and events via our social media pages
  • You receive a fantastic diary showcasing Coastguards around the UK, every autumn
  • Joanna Howard looks after central branch, and is always happy to chat with members you can contact Joanna at –

To join our central branch download our membership form and return it with the standing order form.

Your support is appreciated.

Branch Membership

Branch Membership is currently £40 per year.