Pett Coastguard from 1861

pett cg1860 The Coastguards took over the crewing of the Hastings Lifeboat because no civilian crew could serve.

1861 The ten-yearly census records 10 men at Fairlight described as Coastguards, plus families. Also there are two “commissioned boatmen” at Cliff End Cottage, plus families, and 11 Coastguards and families at Pett.

1864 Diplock’s Handbook says: “The old Coastguard Station, which formerly stood on the beach east of the [Ecclesbourne] stream, was so seriously damaged by the storms of 1859 as to become uninhabitable, as it had long been insecure. The new houses, erected on the western side, a little way higher up the cliff, are far more substantial and comfortable than the old wooden houses, though less picturesque.”

Coastguard strengths in 1922 were said to be: Eastbourne 4; Bexhill, St Leonards, Fairlight, Pett 2 each; Rye Harbour 3; Jurys Gap 2 .

1926 August: Pett Coastguard Station was sold by auction at Castle Hotel, Hastings..