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2016/17 saw many changes in UK Search & Rescue, from the closing of bases & stations, to the transfer of numerous responsibilities to the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC), including those of the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC). 2018 has seen those changes continue, with the addition of the Satellite Mission Control hub to the NMOC and with many changes to to Coastguard Rescue Service equipment and protocols. This year we say farewell to pagers and hello to SmartPhones for many Coastguard Rescue Officers.

National Maritime Operations Centre

The replacement of our much-loved RAF bionic budgie, RN Ace of Clubs & Coastguard S61N’s to the brand new Coastguard Helicopter fleet and repositioned bases is completed, with AW 189’s now having largely replaced the smaller AW139’s, and the S92 now all firmly established in their shiny new bases and all doing great work across the United Kingdom in the HM Coastguard livery.

But let us never forget that new buildings, technology and machines are nothing without the men and women that operate them, either remaining in service today within Future Coastguard or now watching from the sidelines having contributed so much over the years. It is unfortunate that difficulties with the recruitment and retention of new Coastguards at the NMOC continues.

The Coastguard Association are delighted to welcome you to our website and hope you can help us, help those who now have need of our support. Join today so ww can help tomorrow…