Gara Rock Coastguard


The Coastguard Station at Gara Rock, including a Watch House and cottages for those who were to man the station, was built in 1846/7. The 1890 First Edition Ordnance Survey map shows the station as a long rectangular block (cottages) with a small ‘North wing’ at the west end. The map labels the site as being a Coastguard Station Containing a Lookout House, Watch House and Life Saving Apparatus House. A photograph taken before 1909 appears to show the cottages as they were originally built, with walls of coursed rubble stone with squared stone dressings around thewindow and door openings. The single pitched roof was covered in slate.

In 1909, the Coastguard station was purchased by Richard Jordan for the purpose of setting up a family boarding house. Of the six cottages, four were used for accommodation and the remaining two as a dining room and lounge area. In 1919, the Jordansembarked on an ambitious building programme in which the original stone built cottages were rendered, and the construction of a second storey began. As the Hotel grew in popularity more phases of alteration were undertaken by the Jordan