Felpham / Bognor Coastguard 1875

Four unmounted coastguards had been established at Felpham c. 1295, as one of only three such places in the rape. Riding officers for Felpham were appointed from 1699, and in the 1810s and 20s a coastguard officer, two preventive officers, and many boatmen, presumably stationed at Bognor, were recorded. A coastguard station was built c. 1861 midway between Felpham village and the sea, comprising a detached officer’s house, a watch house, and two rows of red and yellow brick cottages; the boathouse was east of the modern Blake’s Road. In 1887, after the closure of the coastguard station in Bognor, it was described as Bognor coastguard station. There were 46 inmates in all in 1871. The station was closed in the early 1920s, and soon afterwards three large houses were built between the rows of cottages, and a parade of shops in the garden of the officer’s house along Felpham Road.


felpham bognor cg 1922